Veterans Canadian Armed Forces

Medical Cannabis for Canadian Veterans

Medical Cannabis for Canadian Veterans


OneOunce is proud to offer medical cannabis prescriptions to all veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces at no charge.  If your having trouble sleeping or have body pains or think you may be suffering from PTSD, give us a shout today on our toll free number or simply apply for your free phone consultation, since 2014 we have been helping veterans find the medical cannabis treatment plan that will help them deal with their symptoms so they can get back to their normal daily lives.


If you are a veteran or an active member of the Canadian armed forces our Cannabis Rewards program is specifically made for you. Our rewards program is tailored for those who already use medical cannabis to treat their ailments or for those who wish to enroll in the federal program run by Blue Cross and Veterans Affairs Canada. Once a member and active in the program you will qualify for rewards of 5% of your purchases made through Blue Cross during the fiscal year at some participating Licensed Producers. Being a member requires no work or effort on your behalf and you are automatically enrolled once you have met with our medical practitioner.

If your a Veteran of the CAF and are presently covered by Veterans Affairs through Blue Cross you most likely have a 3 gram per day limit to cover the cost's associated with your medical cannabis purchases, that means you can order up to 3 grams per day and those purchases are fully covered and paid for by Veterans Affairs Blue Cross directly. The way the program works is the Licensed Producer sends your invoice directly to Blue Cross and is then paid by them on your behalf.

With our Veterans United Cannabis Rewards program you would be entitled to get back through an Amazon voucher or E Transfer 5% of all the purchases you made during the fiscal year, that means if you are presently using your full 3 gr per day allotment you are spending anywhere from $500 or more per month on your medications. Once registered with us you would start accumulating anywhere between 25$ and up each and every month, at the end of the year we would be sending you an Amazon voucher or E-Transfer to do what you want with those funds.

The Veterans United Cannabis Rewards program is our way of giving back to those who served with honor and put their lives in danger for Canadians young and old, at OneOunce we come from a family of veterans who served proudly for Canada and the United States for 3 generations now.

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