Top reasons to go ACMPR

Why its money wise for Canadians to apply for a Medical Cannabis prescription

Why its money wise for Canadians to apply for a Medical Cannabis prescription

Medical Cannabis with a prescription is Tax Deductible in the form of non refundable tax credits
If your buying Cannabis for Medical purposes from a government run store such as the OCS , SQDC , SNLC or AGLC those purchases are Not Tax Deductible and are considered recreational purchases
Under the ACMPR you are eligible to Discounts of 25 to 30 % if you made under $35000 on last years Notice of Assessment
Medical Cannabis is currently covered by private insurance in certain cases
Medical Cannabis will hopefully eventually have a DIN number and be covered by provincial health insurance
Medical Cannabis Maximum Possession Limit is 150 grams per Month
Medical Cannabis will remain a premium medical grade/quality product
Medical Cannabis isn’t restricted to a Government Supply Chain
Medical Cannabis at certain Producer's will Not impose the excise tax, they are willing to absorb it*
Medical Cannabis is cheaper directly through the Licensed Producer in most cases due to signup promos and compassion programs

Recreational Marijuana will have a limit of 30 Grams Possession on You at Any Given Time
Recreational Marijuana will be taxed with Provincial sales tax at current rates per Province
Recreational Marijuana will be additionally taxed with a Federal Excise Tax of 10%
Recreational Marijuana will NOT be eligible for Tax Deductions
Recreational Marijuana will NOT be eligible for private coverage
Recreational Marijuana will never have a DIN
Recreational Marijuana will NOT be premium medical grade quality
Recreational Marijuana will be more restrictive than Medical Cannabis
Québec & Manitoba are banning the Federal Allowance of Recreational Plants
Under ACMPR You are NOT limited to the 4 Plant Allocation

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