Medical Marijuana Doctors

Medical Marijuana Prescriptions in Alberta - British Columbia - Ontario - Manitoba - Nova Scotia - New Brunswick - Quebec - Newfoundland - Saskatchewan - Yukon - NWT

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Specialist in Medical Cannabis Doctors

Since 2014 Oneounce has assisted thousands of Canadian's meet with doctors who prescribe medical cannabis either via Skype software or in a traditional clinic environment.

Medical Marijuana Resources

There are many different strains and forms of medical marijuana, every strain provides a different experience and varies from person to person. Learn more about dosages for dried cannabis and cannabis oils in our resources page.

Conditions treated with Medical Cannabis

Arthritis - Anxiety - Cancer - Depression - Chronic Pain - Epilepsy - Fibromyalgia - Insomnia - PTSD - Glaucoma and others

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Want to cultivate your own Cannabis but don't know where to start ? Let us guide you in registering with Health Canada's ACMPR program, buy and grow your cannabis today.

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