COVID 19 and Cannabis

COVID 19 and Medical Cannabis

COVID 19 and Medical Cannabis

Due to the Corona Virus COVID 19 pandemic the OneOunce online cannabis clinic will be offering Cannabis Prescriptions Free of Charge during 2020, this will apply to all medical cannabis patients who have a medical cannabis prescription they need renewing or for patients who are looking to apply for their medical cannabis prescription for the very first time. With our virtual cannabis clinic you are safe from infection because your consultation will be done online via FaceTime or Skype from the comforts and safety of your home, after meeting one of our medical cannabis doctors you will have access to 17 Health Canada licensed producers to buy your cannabis and CBD oils from. Being a medical cannabis patient means you are safe from running out of medication should the Canadian government close all cannabis dispensaries and shops in a swift move to control the spread of COVID 19.

If your tired of suffering and want to get things rolling simply click below to apply for your free phone consultation with one of our medical cannabis educators. There are no obligations, after the call you will be in a better position to know if medical cannabis is the right therapeutic plan for you, whatever your decision know that you will be cared for by a online cannabis clinic that has 6 years experience in the field of medical cannabis and CBD Oils.

FREE CANNABIS PRESCRIPTIONS - * some conditions apply * call us today or apply for your consultation

$ 59.99 - Perfect for patients wishing to renew their medical cannabis prescriptions

$ 99.99 - Service includes an assessment with our medical cannabis educator covering CBD Oils and cannabis products called Cannabis 2.0 all under Heath Canada's ACMPR program - Patient intake and online consultation with a licensed medical cannabis doctor: Perfect for patients wishing to obtain a cannabis prescription who do not have medical documents or taking any prescriptions 

$ 399.99 - Health Canada program for patients wishing to Cultivate their Medical Marijuana - 50 plant medical marijuana growing permit from Health Canada - Deposit of $150 Required - Cancellation Fee of $99 is applicable for " No Shows *

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