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Cannabis News

CMA recommends minimum age of 21 to smoke pot, doctors' group wants limits on distribution and marketing of marijuana product

The national organization that represents physicians says Canadians shouldn't be legally allowed to smoke pot until they are 21 and should face restrictions on the quantity and potency of the drug until they are 25. It's just one of a long list of recommendations the Canadian Medical Association made in its submission to the marijuana task force, which will advise the federal government on legalization. The CMA provided a copy of that submission to CBC News.

The question of age limits will be a significant one for Justin Trudeau's government as it develops its legalization plans. He and his party have repeatedly insisted legalization is the best way to keep pot out of the hands of young people, arguing the current system fails in that regard and funnels the profits to organized crime.

Frontiers in Psychiatry: Statistics on Cannabis Users Skew Perceptions of Cannabis Use

Collecting information about the prevalence of cannabis use is necessary but not sufficient for understanding the size, dynamics, and outcomes associated with cannabis markets. This paper uses two data sets describing cannabis consumption in the United States and Europe to highlight

(1) differences in inferences about sub-populations based on the measure used to quantify cannabis-related activity;
(2) how different measures of cannabis-related activity can be used to more accurately describe trends in cannabis usage over time; and
(3) the correlation between frequency of use in the past-month and average grams consumed per use-day. Key findings: focusing on days of use instead of prevalence shows substantially greater increases in U.S. cannabis use in recent years; however, the recent increase is mostly among adults, not youth.

Relatively more rapid growth in use days also occurred among the college-educated and Hispanics. Further, data from a survey conducted in seven European countries show a strong positive correlation between frequency of use and quantity consumed per day of use, suggesting consumption is even more skewed toward the minority of heavy users than is suggested by days-of-use calculations.
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