Medical Cannabis for Insomnia

Medical Cannabis if your suffering from Insomnia

Medical Cannabis if your suffering from Insomnia

Having trouble falling asleep, are you waking in the middle of the night ? If you are suffering from Insomnia have you considered medical cannabis as a safe alternative treatment to prescription sleeping pills. Did you know that sleep disorders affect all sexes and age groups, several surveys over the years have shown that a least one third of the population has some sort of sleeping disorder.

If you are presently on sleeping medications and would like to evaluate if medical cannabis is the right insomnia treatment for you simply click on the box below to participate in our Insomnia survey. To qualify you must have in the last two years tried or be presently using sleeping pills. Participants remain anonymous in the study during their participation.

Patients have 3 short questionnaires to answer over a 3 month term, for insomniacs this is a great opportunity to get a medical cannabis prescription for only 50$ in return for your feedback on how medcial cannabis is helping treat your insomnia. ( Some Conditions Apply )

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