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Obtain your medical cannabis prescription or apply for a permit to grow your own cannabis today. Celebrating 10 years helping Canadians treat their ailments safely and naturally

Prescribed Cannabis in 3 Steps

STEP 1 - Complete Online Forms
STEP 2 - Meet the Cannabis Doctor
STEP 3 - Purchase or grow your cannabis

Qualifications for Prescribed Cannabis

Anxiety - Pain - Arthritis - Anorexia - Cancer - Insomnia - PTSD - Depression - ADHD - Epilepsy - Fibromyalgia- HIV

Buy Direct from Cannabis producers

With a cannabis prescription you purchase directly from cannabis producers, that means lower prices and tax deductible

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CBD Oil and Medical Cannabis

CBD Oil and Medical Cannabis

If your looking for high powered CBD oils or infused cannabis products you will require a medical cannabis prescription. The first step is to apply for your free phone consultation, its starts by entering your email address, it will be used to create and manage your medical cannabis account with us. Once you have registered you be will asked to complete a short 30 second form describing your symptoms, once completed one of our medical cannabis educators will contact you to discuss Health Canada's medical cannabis program in detail. Once you have your prescription you will be able to purchase your cannabis directly from some of Canada's largest producers at discounts, and dont forget with a prescription all your purchases are tax deductible.

Perfect for patients who have "No family Doctor or Medical history"
( includes one time 50$ registration fee )
$ 99.99

Quick and easy for patients "Looking to Renew" their cannabis prescription
$ 69.99

For patients wishing to "Legally Grow" their own medical cannabis
$ 199.99

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